Time For New Glasses


Good Morning 😊

I put off buying new glasses as long as possible.  I haven’t had vision insurance in so long. I saw an ad online for 60% lenses and frames at VisionWorks and decided it was time.  

It has been 4 years since I’ve had new glasses. I love to read and my current glasses do not have bifocals.  Frequent headaches pushed me to realize I couldn’t wait any longer. 

I was so thankful my daughter Mattie was able to watch Chloe. I was in VisionWorks for 3 1/2  hours!!! I know it takes awhile but holy moly😲. I finally got to order my glasses and was told it would be 14 days. Oh well I’ve waited 4 years, what’s 14 days? Lol. I chose the bottom pair from the photo above. I have worn small frames for 20 years, but decided to go a bit bigger this time. 

One reason I put off getting them is cost, but with their 60 % off deal my $600 glasses cost me $298.00😀 I was so thankful.  I will show them off when I get them in a few weeks. It feels good to take care of my vision needs. It’s all part of that self-care❤


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