Minimizing My Book Collection

Happy Friday Everyone 😊

I LOVE TO READ!! I also love that both of my girls inherited my love of books. 

I use to keep every book I ever bought or was gifted to me, even if I knew I would never read them again. I just couldn’t part with them. I thought it was wasteful and I just had to keep them.

Once I decided to live more minimal I decided to go through all of my books and only keep the ones I was 100% certain I would read again. I donated a few and sold many others. I now have 7 books. I then made the decision to check out books from the library,  borrow them, or if I desperately wanted it, buy it with Amazon cards redeemed from my survey earnings.  I would also check out 2nd hand stores. but prefer to pay zero.

I also use my libraries Hoopla app to read or listen to books for free on my phone. I use it quite often. Check to see if your library offers this service.

I recently purchased, with my survey points  goodbye, things by Fumio Sasaki. I had listened to it on hoopla and knew I would reread it often. I am actually doing that right now😊.  It is a wonderful book on minimalism and I highly recommend it.

I am slowly minimizing Chloe’s books as well. She has a bin of books in the living room that she reads daily. Her bookshelf in her room has a lot more. I am cautiously removing a few at a time to see if she misses them. I pick ones she no longer reads. Books are her favorite, so I am super careful what I choose. We will get there🙂

Do you keep your book collection minimal or are you an avid collector?

Let me know in the comments

Have a wonderful day💚

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