Our Simple Homeschool Basket


Good Morning and Happy Thursday!

In my journey to create a simpler homeschool day for Chloe I have worked very hard to reduce her supplies to one basket. It has taken me awhile to realize that she just doesn’t need much. 

Lately, when she gets enough sleep, she has enjoyed working in her Good Grades workbook. I do love that it covers Math, Lanuguage Arts, Writing, Social Studies and Science. All in one workbook!! If a time comes that she wants a break from it I will come up with hands on activities for her. I love the sheets in this workbook. They are simple and colorful.


This is what her basket contains:

Her Pencil Box; pencils, glue, dry erase markers and scissors

Her Writing Notebook: A pretty notebook that she does copy writing in each day

My Lesson Planner: This is just a notebook. I decided not to buy a planner this year.

Her Good Grades Workbook: Again it covers all of our necessary subjects

A Clipboard: She uses this to do her worksheets.

Bible Made Easy For Kids Book

Dry Erase Board: I use a small dry erase board to write her daily schedule on.

Our Read Aloud Book of the month

A few homemade games in baggies for extra learning


That is it!!

We read tons of books each week that are on her bookshelf in her room and in a basket in the living room. Chloe learned to read quickly and really enjoys it. 

I also add in cooking activities, nature walks and outings to our week. Learning is everywhere! I have been focusing heavily on self help skills. This week she is helping a lot with laundry and today she took out the trash for the first time. We also play board games that incorporate reading and math a few times a week.

I’m not sure what the future holds as far as Chloe returning to public school. Until I know for sure I will continue to homeschool in a relaxing and simple way. She is doing well so far this school year (minus the sleep issues) and I am super proud of my girl.

She is my SUPERSTAR!!

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