A Cleaner Diet

Happy Wednesday!

I used a few older pics of Chloe and I since my uploading of pictures on here has a mind of its own some days LOL. Today I wanted to post about cleaning up our diets. I feel like I am saying this every week and it is not like we poor sugar and salt down our throats every day, but since Chloe has had her sleep problems it has pushed me to take control of this area of our lives.

So I made my grocery list minus a few items that Chloe is quite addictied to right now. I have mentioned before that she LOVES noodles. I try to get the ones that have veggies in them, but every now and then she wants Ramen. She doesn’t want the packet of flavor, thank goodness. I still have issues with them though. I did buy one box of the veggies noodles to use as side for a meal for her. I also stopped buying sliced cheese. She will sneak into the fridge and get it all day. She has a dairy allergy and gets constipated if she eats it. I need to go to Meijer and buy the Daiya brand non-dairy cheese products. They are expensive, but I will try to buy them on sale. The only time Chloe eats yogurt is with her medicene, so I use organic yogurt from Aldi. If she ever decides she wants it for a snack I will buy her the coconut yogurt from Meijer. 

Breakfast seems to be the toughest meal. It is always a carb. I may try to make homemade turkey sausage from the ground turkey I bought and put strawberries with it. She usually eats cereal bars or I make her homemade pancakes. My plan is to lighten way up on her carb intake and replace her dairy. I am adding more vegetables to her plate for lunch and dinner. Snacks will be mostly fruit. 

She didnt test positive for a gluten allergy, but I believe she has a sensitivity to it. Her tummy gets bloated every time she eats a lot of noodles or bread. She is also hungry ALL THE TIME!! I keep her cup full so she will drink a lot, but she asks for food every 1 1/2 to 2 hrs. Some days its a battle. 

It will be a long road and Im sure some days she will lose it, but it is worth it. It is up to us to make sure our kiddos eat healthy. She will occasionally get a treat, but it will not be as often. 

I am also working on cleaning up my diet as well. I think you have to do it together for it to work. I am hoping this helps her with her sleeping as well.

Have a wonderful day

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