My Minimalist Wardrobe

20190510_151138   Happy Saturday Everyone


I Love Minimalism! I have been on a journey of becoming a minimalist for a long time. I have gotten rid of a lot of things, but I still have a way to go. Chloe does have more stuff than me now. LOL

One area that I wanted to be a minimalist is in the clothing area. I am not a fashionable gal, I just want to feel comfortable and confident in what I wear. I do love to wear black a lot. I do not match colors well and black goes with everything. Since I am at home I don’t have a work wardrobe. This Summer I have been wearing shorts and casual tops. Now that Fall and cooler weather is headed our way I am looking to keep things very simple. I like to wear jeans and then some days I might wear yoga type pants. I like long, loose tops that are flowy. Not to big, but not fitted either. I am wanting my tops to be black or gray in color. I have a pair of black slip on shoes and a pair of black boots. 

I have read about some women wearing the same outfit every day. Not the same exact outfit, but wearing jeans and a black top every day. Hey it takes the worry out of what to choose. That’s my kind of wardrobe. You can always add a pop of color with a scarf or jewelry. I do have one black skirt and 2 dress tops in case I need something dressy to wear. People like Steve Jobs wore the exact same thing every day, jeans and a black turtle neck. I also only want a weeks worth of clothes. I don’t need 20 outfits in my closet. I typically do laundry every 3 days, so a weeks worth is plenty. I try only to buy clothes if something needs replaced. I am looking for a new cardigan to wear on extra chilly days over my tops. I don’t like sweat shirts because I get to hot, even in the winter. I am hoping to find one at the consignment shop. 

I have one set of pajama pants and I wear one of my black tee shirts with them. I tried to go without buying pajamas and was wearing shorts to bed, but I wasn’t very comfortable. So I found a pair of pajama pants on sale. I will say I love pajama pants. They are so comfortable. I have thought about buying another pair to wear on lazy days. LOL

So that is my take on how to minimize and simplify my wardrobe. Have any of you thought about doing this? Let me know in the comments. I plan on sharing my minimalist posts with you each Saturday. I’m not just an Autism Mom after all.

Have a wonderful day


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