Charlotte’s Web Activities

Good Morning and Happy Thursday!


This week has been tough with Chloe and I getting very little sleep. I decided she could work on her Math skills on StarFall and we would finish our Charlotte’s Web read aloud. 

I found some cute activities online to go with the book. These will cover Reading and Science. Chloe loves farm animals, so I knew she would be very willing to do the activites I found. I printed them off of Google Images. I just typed in farm animal learning activities.

She learned about what animals live on a farm, what theu eat, where they live (Habitats), and which animals provide foods for us. We also watched some videos on YouTube about farm life. The 1973 version of Charlotte’s Web is our favorite and we will be watching it tomorrow. Charlotte’s Web was my favorite book in my pre-teen years. I love reading it to her. Brings back memories of my Mom reading it to me the first time.

If you haven’t checked out StarFall online go check it out. It has been a wonderful way for Chloe to learn her math concepts. You can also work on Language Arts as well. It goes from Pre-K to 3rd Grade. Chloe has picked up so much that I have been trying to teach her for over a year in just a few weeks on the math section. It is a very affordable program. 

Until Chloe’s sleep improves I will focus only on what she can handle. I know my brain is mush, so I can’t imagine how hers must be having Autism on top of it. I am really praying the Melatonin/Clonidine combo helps her. 

Thank you so much for stopping by today.

Have a wonderful day!

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