Would Chloe Do Better In Public School ?


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I started homeschooling Chloe 1/2 way through her first grade year. She seemed so stressed and cried a lot. Was she in a good school? YES! Were her teachers good? THE BEST! So why did I pull her? I was scared for her. I thought I had to protect her from every feeling she had.  I didn’t want her to feel fear or anxiety. Now almost 3 years later I feel I really made a mistake.

Don’t get me wrong, we have had great experiences with homeschooling, but also so many stressful experiences. The hardest part has been watching her slowly become so afraid of other children. I always try to get her to interact with others at the park or library, but unfortunately the kids here haven’t really tried to interact with her. I hate the looks she gets from other children. Breaks my heart. At least in school the older kids, who came to the room to visit, played with her. She was in an environment where interaction was all around her. She had to make the effort.

So I am considering, once we move home, putting Chloe back in school. I will have to go through the Special Ed department of the Board of Education so she can be evaluated and an IEP set up for her. I will be working to get her into the best school there. She will be in a low incidence room and go out into the school for music, art and P.E. I’ll admit I am very nervous. I know she will not take this well. I am just feeling very overwhelmed with spending pretty much 24/7 with her. I get very few breaks and also Chloe will recieve extra therapy at school. She hasnt had therapy in almost 3 years. I want her to have buddies that are not stuffed. I want her to learn to play and communicate with others children. She is very academically smart and I want her to have every opportunity to advance her skills. Sometimes I am just not sure how to do that. 

I will continue to homeschool until we move home and depending when that happens I may have to finish out the school year at home. I am not feeling like a failure. I just know I have to look out for my own health and well being just like I look out for hers. She is so stuck to me it is getting to a very unhealthy level. It may take awhile, but this will be a good move for everyone.

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2 thoughts on “Would Chloe Do Better In Public School ?”

  1. Of course you are not a failure! You are an amazing mama and Chloe is so blessed to have you in her life. You do so much for her. I am not a fan of public schools for many reasons but I also don’t have a special needs child. I do believe in trusting your instincts as a mom. It sounds like you’re figuring things out. I wish both you and Chloe the best. 💛

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