Up All Night!

Good Afternoon

So it is Day 9 and Miss Chloe still hasn’t slept through the night. Last night was the worst so far. She just sat in her bed and cried. I tried everything I could think of, but nothing worked. Finally at 5:30 am she passed out. 

She has her sleepless nights, but never this many in a row. It has caused so many new issues. We are tired, she is exhausted and she can’t focus or slow down. She goes at a speed that is just crazy!! I try to play soft music and keep her entertained any way I can, but she just goes goes GOES!! 

I called her pediatrician this morning and she suggested adding melatonin to her medication regimen at night to see if it would help. I will begin that tonight. If after a few weeks, it doesn’t work, she will have to go see a specialist. I’m sure she needs to move on to a specialist, as the pediatrician has done all she can for her.

So that is where we are at right now. Sleep is so important for all of us, but especially a child with Autism. Really hoping the melatonin works for her. I will keep you updated on how everything is going. 

Have a good afternoon


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