Just Exhausted😴

Good Morning

Yesterday we traveled to my parents for a visit. Chloe was very excited to see her Nana. She was very happy on the way there. She was singing and dancing to music. She was super excited when we arrived and she saw her sister Mattie was there too.

It didn’t take long before Chloe started fussing. I got her to go outside with one of the dogs and swing. That kept her satisfied for awhile. Lack of sleep causes her to be a mood rollercoaster.  You never know what mood you are going to get. After about 2 hours she was getting tired and snappy at everyone. I gave her a half dose of medicine. It slowed her down, but didn’t stop the grumpiness. The ride home went ok. She was a lot quieter. 

Once home she got a bath, curled up in the chair and watched a movie. She struggled once again going to sleep and then was up from 1 am to 4 am. Her moods are swinging again this morning.  We are EXHAUSTED!!

Hopefully this phase will end soon🙂

Have a wonderful weekend

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