How Does She Do It?


Good Morning

So Miss Chloe is still having sleep issues. We go back and forth between taking 3 hours to go to sleep to going right to sleep and waking up at 1 am. Also add taking forever to go to sleep and still waking up at 1 or 2 am. It is getting quite exhausting.

She has been on her current medication since she was 3. It has been raised to the highest dose the doctor is comfortable with. She averages maybe 2 full nights of sleep a week. When she doesn’t sleep she is a mood roller coaster, but mainly easily frustrated. She has more fits and dazes out more. I guess we do the same without sleep too. 

I am hoping once the crazy hot days are behind us she can play outside more. I believe it does help her sleep a lot better. I also believe she needs a new medication. I have read some children with Autism take a certain medication so long their bodies adjust to it. I think that is what is happening here. I hope to get this figured out soon. So each night I just pray she will sleep and I don’t hear her calling “Mom, Mom, Mom”!!

Another thing I am considering is adding the supplement Magnesium. I have researched and it does help some children calm down. Oh that would be awesome. Chloe has always had hyper issues from 3 to bedtime. She bounces off the walls and no matter what you give her to do it doesn’t help.

That is the latest update on Miss Chloe’s sleep situation. If any of you have any advice please share.

Have a wonderful Thursday

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