Read Aloud Time😊


Happy Wednesday 😀

I have always loved reading. I’m thankful Chloe does as well. Last school year I tried to start Read Aloud Time with her. She didn’t mind if I read her short books, but I was ready to dive into Chapter Books. She wouldn’t sit still for them. So I decided to wait a bit longer.

In May I started Charlotte’s Web with her. This was my favorite book as a child. Chloe loves the old movie of this story. We didn’t read it much over Summer break. No attention span😔. Once I made it part of her Homeschool Reading Plan she was all over it. I was so happy☺

We are reading a Chapter a day and are half way through the book. I sometimes have to replace a word with one she understands, but she is sitting still and quietly for Read Aloud Time. I am already thinking of our next book. I bought Stuart Little the same time I bought Charlotte’s Web. Maybe I will try it next. I am so excited for our Read Aloud Times now!

If you have any ideas for short classic Chapter Books please let me know.

Have a wonderful day🙂

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