Life Skills Work With Child With Autism

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday!

Today I want to share about working with Chloe on her Life Skills. Some people may wonder why I do this since she will most likely never leave home. I feel it is very important to teach her like any other child. She is able to learn and I will teach her as much as she can handle. 

Chloe is extremely smart and can do many things. Yesterday I had her fix her bowl of grapes for lunch, which included putting them in the bowl and washing them. You could see the confidence as she completed her task. I also had her help with laundry. She knows how to put it in the washer and then I had her remove it from the dryer for me. She also took care of pouring her own drink all day. I have tried to load pictures of her doing these skills, but alas they will not load (UGH). You can watch my video on YouTube later to see her in action. The channel has the same name as this blog.

I plan on continuing to involve her daily household chores. Putting up her laundry, folding laundry, sweeping, mopping, cleaning glass doors and so on. Hopefully I can get some pictures to load soon. Its very frustrating!

I truly believe that we need to equip our children with the skills to care for themselves and to help in the household. Some children with Autism may be able to do more than others, but we have to challenge them to see their capabilities. Chloe has days she loves to help me and others she wants nothing to do with it. You may have to use an incentive to get your child going. Like a treat, an activity, or an outing. There are so many charts online you can customize for your child.  Lets unlock our children’s potential.

Welcome to my new followers. Im so glad you are here.

Have a wonderful day



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