Craft Projects


Good Morning

Today I want to share a tip that is helpful for me when it comes to having craft projects for Chloe. 

When Chloe was preschool age she loved doing any type of arts and crafts. Now she has to be in the mood and I have to be prepared. How do I prepare? I take gallon size Ziploc bags and get what I need for each craft, put it in its assigned baggie and keep it in a box set up for craft projects. Then whenever Chloe wants to do a craft I let her choose one from the box.

You can find lots of free printable crafts online. All she would do is cut out the pieces and glue them on construction paper. I have learned as long as I have crafts ready to go she will want to do them.  Some days she just wants to paint with water colors, so I keep paper and the water color paints available for her.

Make sure you reuse the Ziplocs again and again for new crafts. I actually want to use pencil holder bags instead and get away from the ziplocs. Sometimes I need a bigger bag, so we will see how that goes. 

I hope this is helpful to you. I find with one child or multiple children being prepared ahead of time is the best strategy.

Have a wonderful day

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