Ways Chloe Works On Writing

Good Morning

Chloe has never liked to write until she received her first Magnadoodle. All of a sudden she was writing and drawing every day. She has went through 3 of them so far. I am always looking for sales on them so I can put them back for her. I usually have someone get her one for her birthday and Christmas.

I have read how many children with Autism have trouble with or dislike writing. Chloe has low muscle tone in her hands and they tire easily. She use to fight writing like crazy, even throwing her pencil. Now she asks to write all the time!

Here are the ways I work with her and other tips to help strengthen her muscles.

**Therapy Putty, Clay, Playdough : These help with hand strengthening

**Finger and Hand Stretches: You can find many of these online. Make them fun and do them to music.

MagnaDoodle: Chloe loves this. It goes with her everywhere. I like it because it saves paper as well.

Shaving Cream: A fun sensory filled way to practice writing. If your child doesn’t like to get messy let them use a paintbrush to write with.

Salt Tray: Use a tray and put salt in it. She can use their fingers, a pencil or a paint brush to write. I bought a 2 inch high rectangle Tupperware container at the Dollar Tree with a lid. It works great.

Q-tip, Paint and Paper: Chloe loves to write words with paint. I sometimes dot out words for her to trace.

Dry Erase Board: She loved these before MagnaDoodles. She still occasionally uses one. I think its the ultra smooth surface that make writing easier.

Coloring Sheets: Yes coloring sheets help with writing skills. Staying in the lines is huge for future writing in the lines.

Writing Notebook: Chloe uses a writing notebook to practice letters and sentences in. I just bought a cute notebook at Walmart for her to use. Each day I write letter or sentences for her to copy.


These are the current activities I use to work with Chloe each week. I tried to upload a few pictures, but they wouldn’t load. I hope some of these will help your child.

Welcome to all of my new followers! Have a wonderful day.


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