I’m All In!!

Good Morning ☺

This past weekend I continued to look through areas of the house to declutter.  I have reached a point that I only want to keep what I actually use. 

I was like most people and kept things because I “Might” use them later. Most of the time I never did. Getting rid of things use to be so tough for me. I always felt bad if I got rid of an item someone gave me or that a lot of money was spent on. Now I just get frustrated with all the unused stuff.

One area I worked on was the bathroom. Women tend to have a lot of beauty care products we don’t use. I went through each box in the pantry and got rid of items I never use or were old. One product I love is coconut oil. I can use it to make so many products. 

Coconut oil is a great after shower moisturizer. Put in on damp skin and pat dry. I also use it as a hair treatment, and make homemade toothpaste with it. I plan on using it to make homemade shampoo eventually. 

Chloe and I use the same Shampoo and Conditioner. This keeps me from having to many bottles to keep up with. I also use coconut oil on her hair and skin. She does have regular toothpaste. She’s very picky about that. 

I no longer use hairspray or other styling products. I’m trying to grow out my hair. So I did keep a few headbands and barrettes for those wild hair days. Lol.

Makeup is pretty minimal as well. I mostly use foundation, eyeliner,  eye shadow, brow pencil and mascara. On hot days, if I’m outside a lot, I only wear eye makeup. I sweat to much for the foundation.  Some days I wear no makeup to give my skin a break.

I do prefer cloth menstrual pads over store bought. I know some people think its gross, but all I know is I am very uncomfortable in store bought pads and experience less skin issues with cloth ones. 

I am happy that I am able to pare down my stuff without guilt. Everything that goes out makes me feel more at ease. Now if I can just get Chloe on board 🙄

Welcome to my new followers. 😊 I hope everyone has a great Monday.

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