Raising Your Spirited Child Book Review


Good Morning 🙂

Today I wanted to share a wonderful book I just finished. It’s called Raising Your Spirited Child by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka. I bought my copy at a 2nd hand book store for $3.00, but I know Amazon has it for around $11.

Do you have a child that is more intense, sensitive, very energetic, persistent and unusually perceptive? I do! Yes my daughter is Autistic, but I found this book to be helpful in so many areas. I was reminded that my daughter is an introvert and I tend to push her into social situations and then wander why she explodes. Chloe just can’t verbally say “Mom I need to be away from this situation “. 

There is a group of parents that meet that discuss their children’s issues and after trying the tips suggested share what happened. I loved the stories told. So many success stories😊.  The book covers communication,  food issues, clothing, vacation problems, behaviors, bedtime routines and much more. I don’t want to give to much away. This book is so worth the money. It is not a book about Autism, but I believe it can be applied to most children.

I have applied a few techniques with Chloe and already see a difference 👍 I highly recommend this book😀

I hope everyone has a great weekend❤

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