Homemade Playdough

20190731_100421  Good Morning


I love making things from scratch from food to even play dough. Yes it is easier to go the store and buy all the little tubs of play dough and not stand over the stove making it myself. So why do I do it? 

It’s healthier to make it from scratch. It is 100% non toxic and if your little one eats any of it they will be just fine. I know everything that is in it, which always makes me feel better.

It is softer because you can make it any consistency you want. I tend to make Chloe’s softer to avoid frustration. She has a barber shop play dough set and if the dough is to hard she gets frustrated. The softer play dough makes for a happy girl. Sometimes I make it a bit tougher if I am using it for hand strengthening work. 

I believe it saves money in the long run. Chloe goes through play dough like crazy! I have added up the cost and making it is way cheaper.

Here is the recipe I use:

1 cup of all purpose flour

1/4 cup of salt

2 TBSP of cream of tartar

1 TBSP of oil

1 cup of water

Food coloring

**Put all ingredients in a sauce pan and stir continuously until it forms a ball. I typically have to add more flour a little at a time. Once it forms a ball I put in on the counter, with flour, and knead it until it is no longer sticky. Store in a container with a lid or in a Ziploc.

I hope you will enjoy making this with your child. Thank you so much for stopping by today. Have a wonderful Friday.

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