Saving Money on Homeschool


Good Morning


Monday will begin our 3rd full year of homeschool. The past 2 years have been a learning experience for me. I have wasted so much money on unused curriculum and workbooks Chloe wouldn’t even open. I also wish I had the money back on all of the little games I bought from the Target Dollar Spot and the Dollar Tree. I was determined it would not happen this year!

 I haven’t bought any workbooks or curriculum for this homeschool year. I have bought some school supplies like notebooks, a few folders, 1 binder, markers, glue and copy paper. This past Summer I went through everything I had and decluttered. I organized what was left, which wasn’t much. I filled in the gaps and made a list of what I would need to start the school year. 

I found 2 great websites to print free sheets and activities from. They are K5 learning and 123Homeschool4me. I do not want Chloe doing tons of worksheets. I found activites that are cut and paste for Math and Reading. I think she will enjoy them. I am using a notebook for writing practice. She will do copy work each morning. Chloe learns a lot from books. We will utilize the library for free books on whatever we are learning. This will cover history, social studies and science. She will do a lot of hands on activities for Science as well. I am hoping to get her out in nature way more this year.

Children with Autism need to learn their self-help skills just as much as their academic skills. This will be a huge area of work for Chloe. We will spend most of her day working on these skills. She is like a roller coaster. She will learn a skill, do well with it, and then stop doing it. My way to help her succeed in this areas is to make a chart for her to earn priviledges. No candy or ice cream, but things like tablet time or movie time. 

My planner this year is a 3 subject notebook that cost $2.00. Easy Peasy. I have only bought 1 puzzle card game for rhyming and it only cost $1.25 at Walmart. I am hoping I can avoid purchasing any workbooks or curriculum at all. I feel these are a waste of time for Chloe since she is all over the place academically. 

How are you saving money on Homeschool supplies this year? Leave a comment below.

Thanks for visiting my blog today. Have a wonderful day.

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