Scripting & Pacing at the Library


Good morning. I hope everyone’s week is still going well.

Monday Chloe and I decided to go to the Library. I talked to her about the amount of kids and the rules of the library, as usual. She repeated the rules, but said “Bye Kids”. I always try going in with a positive attitude. I have also been talking to her about not singing out loud in the library or pacing around. I tell her she needs to find an activity or read a book.

I am use to her doing a little bit of scripting when she gets there. Its her way of calming herself in a different environment. There were only 6 to 7 kids there when we arrived. I thought that was great! Chloe began to script, sing and pace all over the place. I took her to a less crowded area and told her she could get her wiggles out away from the other kids and parents. She kept going right up in people’s personal spaces. It got stressful very quickly. I tried to redirect her and also warn her that we would have to leave if she didn’t listen and go to the less crowded space to pace. Parents and kids were staring, of course, but she was in her own world. She was smiling, but I could see the anxiety as well. We stayed maybe 20 minutes. She finished her scripting and then looked at me and said “Time to go home”.

I was exhausted and had quite the stress headache. How could I have handled it differently? I wish I felt comfortable enough to let her do her thing and not worry about the stares. I do have to keep her out of other people’s personal space, which requires me to stay on her heels. The thing is I want her to learn how to act in public places. Chloe has the ability to learn rules. She just has a hard time calming herself during transitions. I try to take her places when I hope they are not as busy, but until public schools are back in session (Next Wednesday) they are pretty much packed all the time. She loves books and I want her to understand what the library is and how to use it. She has to calm down to do that. I think this summer has been extra tough on her. I am working on a social story about expected behavior at the library. I am hoping this will help her. I do believe she needs medication for anxiety and hopefully we can get that taken care of soon. 

How do your children do at public places? Do they show high anxiety or do they calm down quickly and enjoy themselves? Let me know in the comments.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog today. Welcome to all of my new followers. I am so glad you are reading my blog.

Have a wonderful day!

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