Will I Get Chloe’s Room Minimized This Week?

Good Morning and Happy Monday!

I have set a few goals for our last week of Summer break. The biggest goal I have had for months now is minimizing Chloe’s toys. They are still everywhere!! I desperately want to give her a room that is clean and spacious. I want her to love playing in there. She had a major meltdown last time I reduced her toys and books.

Will it be different this time? I hope so, but probably not. Chloe only plays with her stuffed buddies, a handful of characters, books and her magnadoodle. The rest just sits in rows all over the room. I go in there and almost trip every time. I injured my knee slipping in there months ago. I have been able to remove bits and pieces without her realizing it, but now we are down to the nitty gritty, as they say.

My plan is to start small and take out a few things at a time again. She may cry, but in the end I know what I am doing is best for her . The mess is so stressful for her. Yesterday her nephew touched maybe 2 items and she freaked out!! I know that is Autism, but I also want her to learn to share and that what she is doing {Lining up} isn’t normal. Having less will cause way less stress for her and me as well. I will let you know how it goes.

As far as the rest of the house I am just doing a walk through and going through drawers to see if anything needs to go. Minimalism is a constant thing and that’s ok. As we are preparing to begin another school year I just want things to be organized and simple. We will get there.

Are any of you still minimizing? How is it going?

Have a wonderful day!

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