Will I Be Unschooling Our Daughter This Year?

Good Morning and Happy Friday😊

I have been asked the past few weeks if I am going to go with Unschooling this year with our daughter.  After feeling a bit of frustration trying to lesson plan the past 2 weeks I can say it’s a 99% possibility. 

I decided not to waste a lot of money on school supplies and workbooks this year. Occasionally Chloe asks for a worksheet. I just print one off for free online. I am always researching for hands on activities. She learns so much faster and it is fun! I want her to continue to work on life skills and will be making that a huge part of our day from now on. 

She has been showing some interest in Dinosaurs,  so I am working on putting together some learning activities for that. I also know that she needs more art and music in her day. So I am wanting to put together some crafts and play more music.

Unschooling is way less stressful for both of us. I want her outside and I hope to take her places she can explore nature and see new things. Chloe LOVES to be outside! 

So yes I will continue to go with Unschooling as it is best for us right now.

Have a wonderful weekend🙂

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