Cutting Activities

Good Morning 😊


I was so excited when my photos for this post loaded. I wanted to share 4 items to use to help your child practice cutting  skills.

Playdough is a wonderful item to use for many activities.  Its a great tool for sensory play. The way to use it for cutting is to have your child roll out snakes and then cut them with scissors.  Chloe has always loved doing this activity. 

Next is cutting plastic straws. They POP when you cut them. Chloe still giggles to this day when they pop around her head.

You can make lots of crafts out of toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls. Pinterest has tons of ideas. 

Lastly are paper plates. I love the elephant above. Super cute💙 . There are many animals and other projects you can make with them. Look up paper plate animals on Pinterest. There are so many to choose from😀

We will be using these ideas above this week in our cutting practice time. Thank you for checking out my Blog today.

Have a wonderful day🙂

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