A Beautiful Morning

Good morning 🌞

We are finally having some great weather. The past 7 days the heat index has been 100 to 107 degrees. We have stayed in the house and Miss Chloe was NOT a fan😔

We are sitting outside as I am writing this post. It is 70 degrees with a light wind blowing.  Chloe and I are sitting here enjoying every moment. Chloe spent the first 40 minutes swinging, running and laughing.  So fun to watch😊

We have 13 days, counting the weekend, of summer break left. I pray the weather cooperates so we can spend the majority of it outdoors. 

She is always excited for homeschool to begin. She has been asking for activities already. I give her Dollar Tree workbooks to work on. She loves it, for now. Lol. I am still working on planning and still want to stay away from to many worksheets. I’m just going to take things slow and see how Chloe does.

I am just going to sit back today and enjoy this beautiful day❤

Thanks for checking out our post today. Have a great day🙂

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