Prepping For Our New Homeschool Year

It’s About That Time!


We have 2 weeks left of our Summer break. August 5th we begin a new homeschool year. I have been working for a few weeks now getting Chloe’s binder together, important papers copied and placed in it and planning, planning, planning!!

Monday I have to take our letter of intent to homeschool to the Board of Education. I made the decision to keep supplies to a minimum this year and make as many materials as I can. Workbooks and curriculum do not work for Chloe. I try to find activities on Pinterest or print off a few worksheets I know she will enjoy. 

Chloe is getting excited and even asked to have school today😀 She usually starts out super excited the first of the school year. She has been watching me planning and wants activities to do now. So I provided quite a few this past week. She had a ball!

She spent the Summer reading every day and writing a lot on her Magnadoodle. Her drawing and coloring skills have improved so much as well. I am very proud of her❤

I will be sharing many activities next week, so come back and see what they are. I really hope I can get pictures to load.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Have a great weekend 🙂

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