Road Trip

Happy Friday😀

Once again my pictures would not load, but I will keep trying🙄. Today Chloe and I headed to our hometown to visit my older daughter Mattie. Chloe loves to go to her house and play with her puppy Anna. 

We enjoyed lunch together and then went back to Mattie’s to watch a movie. Then I wrote up some ideas for Keto for Mattie to try. I know I need to get back to it. We were suppose to go for a hike, but it was 103 degree heat index, so we bailed on that idea. I was proud that Chloe took the change of plans very well. No fit at all😀. 

On the way home Chloe entertained me with pretty much the whole script of Toy Story 3. Lol. She has the most amazing memory.  She was happy to be home and went straight to her room to play. 

Hopefully I can get my picture uploading issue resolved soon.

Everyone have a great weekend🌞

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