Teaching my Autistic Daughter Money Through Chores

Good morning 😊

I accidentally posted last night what I meant to post today, but oh well no biggie. 

Today I want to share how I will teach Chloe more about money this homeschool year. She knows all of the coins and what they are worth. Now I am going to teach her how to earn, spend and hopefully save some of her money. 

Typically I believe every member of a family should help without expecting to be paid. I have tried to teach Chloe with workbooks and flashcards, but i decided learning in the real world is better. Chloe loves the Dollar Tree and I thought I would explain to her when she earns enough money she can go there and get a treat (suckers I’m sure😊). She will use the money she earned.

I have made a Chore Chart for her and have put not only household chores, but self help skills as well. I haven’t decided how much I will pay her per day, but I want to pay her in mixed coins, so she can learn to count different coins together. I am also making a separate mini chart of one extra chore, something she refuses to do, to earn a big reward. The biggest one is cleaning her toys off the floor. We will see how that goes🙄

If I can ever get pictures to load on here I will share pictures of her chart and how she is doing. I am starting this next week.

How do you teach your children about money? Let me know in the comments☺

Have a wonderful day❤

1 thought on “Teaching my Autistic Daughter Money Through Chores”

  1. I love this, chore charts are so helpful! It’s hard to teach little ones about money, it seems like such excitement comes from spending it but then it’s gone. Kayliegh loves to earn money, she’s been making things to sell for years. She puts a store together for us, or she asks if there are extra chores she can do. She has a piggy bank that we remind her could one day help buy her a car, that usually stops her from spending needlessly. Other then that, I’m still struggling in this area!


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