Doing Therapy at Home

Good Morning 😊

I have been quite frustrated that I can’t get any photos to load. That is why this post is a day late. I’ll keep trying.

I have been doing a lot more therapy with Chloe here at home. I have been working with her at home for over 2 years now. The past few days I have been setting up a lot of OT activities and doing speech with her as well.

Board Games are wonderful for speech therapy.  You can work on back and forth conversation, turn taking and following directions. Chloe has been asking for them every day, which is great😊

I set up flubber and colored noodles at the table. I set up math cubes on the floor with flashcards giving her directions as to how many of each color to put together. She loved that activity. I also set out cloud dough for her with scoops and cups.

We also worked on her Conversa Cards (speech cards). I used the set Where Does It Go? She knocked it out of the park on all of them. I had her pick letters and then write on her dry erase board a word that started with that letter. I was so proud of her. She worked really hard.

She has been reading so many books this summer. I’m so thankful she loves books. The coolest thing she does is  memorize them. I don’t know how she does it. 

She seems excited for our new school year to start. I hope she stays excited.

I hope all of you are having a great week😊

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