Ugh No Thinker Thursday 😢

Well Chloe flat out refused to do any Science Experiments today.

Chloe was up 3 times last night and she was slow moving this morning.  I was wondering if she would participate today. She threw 2 fits before 11 am. 

Some days are like this. No matter what I plan,  it depends on her sleep and behavior as to whether the plans happen. If I go in with the understanding that she may not feel up to doing activities there is less disappointment when she doesn’t.  In the past I would stress out, but not anymore. As long as she is playing or reading I’m good😊

I hope everyone had a wonderful day❤

2 thoughts on “Ugh No Thinker Thursday 😢”

  1. What a blessing it is to be able to remove the stress of expectations in these situations! Thank you for sharing this. When it looks like we’re heading for trouble I always call a break, but that use to make me really nervous as well. Now I’m able to see that sometimes quality is better than quantity. May the Lord bless your day, and week!

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