Wild Water Wednesday

We had a BLAST today😀

We didn’t get to start until lunch, so the heat index was at 100 degrees. I made the water extra cold. 

I set out water shooters, sponges and water balloons. These were the activities Chloe chose, plus her pool of course. She was so excited she was squealing! I told her she could squirt me, but she wouldn’t.  When i squirted myself she said ” Oh no, Mommy no get wet”! I was told to sit down. Lol

Her favorite was the Water Balloons.  I made up 3 buckets of them. They wouldn’t bust very easily though. She didn’t care, it was still fun. The coolest thing is it started raining ☔ I told her she could play in it since there was no thunder or lightning.  She was thrilled😀

So that was our Wild Water Wednesday.  Fun Fun!!

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