Themed Daily Activities

Good Morning🌞

This week I decided to do a daily fun theme for each day of the week. Chloe needs to stay busy and I thought this would be a fun.

Messy Monday😀

Today is Messy Monday! We will be doing as many messy activities that she and I can come up with. I already have out shaving cream and I’m making a big bin of Cloud Dough. She wants to paint and make Flubber. That may be all she can handle. We will see😉 I will post pics of our Messy Monday either later today or with tomorrow’s post.

Time to Read Tuesday🙂

This will be a day full of reading and crafts to go with each special book Chloe chooses. We will also go to the Library and do some fun activities there. 

Wild Water Wednesday😎

This one is pretty obvious. We are going to play in the pool, shoot water shooters, water balloons and whatever else we decide to do with water. This will most likely be her favorite🌞

Thinker Thursday☺

This will be all things Science and Discovery.  I have put together 2 science experiments for her to do. I also plan to take her to a walking trail where her favorite park is. I hope to find books at the library to read with her to learn more about Summer.

Field Trip Fun Friday😀

We are heading to our hometown to go hiking and play on the playground at the lake. We are hoping my older daughter Mattie can join us or a few of Chloe’s friends. I plan on packing a picnic lunch and having ice cream. I take it back….this will be her favorite day😉. 

So this is the outline of our week. I will post as many pics as I can of our days. I will also post videos on my YouTube channel Autism With Grace.

What are your kiddos up to this week?

Have a wonderful day💚




2 thoughts on “Themed Daily Activities”

  1. These themes sound like so much fun! We’ve got softball games, play dates, and dog walking on our list this week. Maybe even a trip to the pool? I pray the Lord richly blesses your week!

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