Happy 4th of July🇺🇸

Yesterday we celebrated Independence Day🇺🇸

I talked with Chloe throughout the day what a special day it was. We started our day making 4th of July crafts and watching videos about Independence Day. She really loves using glue.  Lol

After lunch we decorated cookies with red, white and blue icing. It was so hard to keep her from eating every cookie. She LOVES icing❤ She did a very good job and had a blast!


After it finally stopped raining I cooked out some burgers and hot dogs. Chloe wanted to eat all day long. She was getting very excited about the fireworks. As it got dark I lit up the sparklers for her. She was so excited😀. Chloe is rarely outside when its dark, so it was a special treat for her. Once the fireworks began she was squealing with delight. I love seeing her so happy.

We finally came in and she got her bath. She didn’t fall asleep until 10:30 pm. I’m sure she was exhausted.  We had a wonderful time.

What did your family do for the 4th? Comment below 😊

Have a great day❤

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