Learning Activities & Fireworks🎧

Happy Wednesday 😎

Today I wanted to share our learning activities of the week and tell you how Chloe, who has major sensory issues deals with Fireworks.

As we approach a new school year I want to start having Chloe do a few learning activities each week. I set up a painting craft of a picture frame I got at the Dollar Tree. Addition cards and chain links will help her work on math. I found a Spelling Puzzles book and set out her letter stamps to use to spell out the words. I made cutting cards for fine motor work and wrote out some sentences for her to copy for writing. She reads all day long, so I don’t have to worry about that area🙂

Now on to Fireworks🇺🇸

This girl LOVES Fireworks!! She talks about them all year. We usually see plenty in our neighborhood, which is great because she is in her own yard. This year I’m going to make it extra fun with a blanket in the yard and fun snacks. It is calling for rain,  but really pray it holds off. I have been asked if she uses headphones.  I offer them, but she says no and just uses her hands to cover her ears. I feel if we went to the river she would need them. Your so much closer to the noise.  I don’t tell her it’s time until that day or she doesn’t sleep from the excitement. 

How do your kiddos handle Fireworks ? 

Have a great day😀

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