Dry Erase Daily Schedule Board


Good Morning 🙂

I usually use a dry erase board on our refrigerator to post Chloe’s schedule. Over the summer I have tried a few different type of schedules to see which one she took to. I tried a flip card schedule, a post it note schedule (which she used in therapy), and the dry erase board schedule.  Today I decided to go with the dry erase board schedule with one twist. No Dry Erase Board! How do I do that?

The issue with a store bought dry erase board is Chloe takes with them. It’s a whole big issue, Lol😁 So I just laminated a white piece of copy paper and put it on the fridge. She likes to erase as she goes, so I know she will enjoy using it. 

We have had a pretty carefree Summer Break and I want to get her back on a more structured schedule. I also want to push her more on life skills. Summer break makes her lazy😊 Well I guess I get lazy too , Lol. 

What type of schedule do you use with your child? Let me know in the comments.

Have a wonderful day🌞

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