Sunday Fun

Happy Monday😊

Yesterday Chloe and I had a relaxing day. Most days are as long as she isn’t in a terrible mood. She slept all night, which helped.  There were no breakfast fits or screaming for ice cream. She just ate her breakfast and moved on with her day.

I wanted to get her in the pool early before it got to hot. She laid in her pool and entertained me, well probably the neighbors too, with lots of singing. I finished reading my Meet the Frugalwoods book and enjoyed the nice breeze.

After lunch Chloe wanted to play board games. We play the same games in the same order. I really want to get her some new games, but haven’t found any I think she will like. Once we finished playing games she was ready for more pool time. I put up our big table umbrella so we could stay in the shade. She loves the big umbrella ☂️.

Chloe spent the evening drawing and watching Moana. I’m hoping she sleeps through the night again, so she’s happy for the park tomorrow.

How was your Sunday?

Have a wonderful day🌞

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