Park Fun😊


Happy Friday!

This morning Chloe and I enjoyed some time at her favorite park. We went early to avoid the midday heat. It was still pretty hot though😎 

Chloe has a pattern she follows on the playground. It must be followed or she panics. First she swings on the special needs swing, then 5 slides in a specific order (no joke), the 2 small slides on the younger kids area, the merry go round and finally the turtle shell stepping stones. If there are kids on the merry go round she stands and waits. At least she is patient when it comes to that. 

She does have one concerning issue at the park though….lifting her shirt or dress when she goes to sit down. She will lift it to her chest😲! I’m like “Shirt Down”! I really have to watch her. I’m not sure why she does it,  but it does concern me.

Chloe had a good morning there. I only counted 6 kids, so it wasn’t to overwhelming for her. We are now home relaxing and watching a movie.

Hope you day is going well😊

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