I’m a Helicopter Mom

Good Morning 😊

I never wanted to be a Helicopter Mom. You know the Moms you see following their kids around all over the playground. “Don’t touch that “, “Oh no don’t climb that, you will fall”, or “Come here and stay by me”. I’ve seen Moms and Dads do this. Maybe it’s because our world has gotten so dangerous and parents are overprotective. Many articles say Helicopter parents harm their children. They say they won’t know how to function as an adult. 

My 2 older children, who are now 22 and 25 had a part time Helicopter Mom in me. They struggled with social skills and I was overprotective of them, because some kids were, well just mean. I’m thankful they had each other on the playground and other places we went. 

Chloe is a whole other story. Her Autism doesn’t allow her to understand appropriate social skills. She also tends to space out on top of the slide and needs a verbal prompt to move on. So I am a constant Helicopter Parent with Chloe. Everywhere we go it is a opportunity to learn. I help her understand social cues, like when a child says hi and she needs to respond hi back. Chloe loves watching other kids play and I use this time to describe their play to her. I wish more kids approached her, but I guess most don’t know how.

I have tried to step back from time to time, especially if it is not busy where we are. If I notice her getting anxious or turning out I immediately intervene. Chloe does way better the fewer children there are. She gets overstimulated very easily. So Helicopter Parenting for me is a necessity. It’s for her safety and guidance. 

I find Social Stories are useful to help them understand the rules and social situations they may face. 

Are you a Helicopter Parent by choice or necessity?

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Have a wonderful day ❤

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