More Penny Pinching Tips


Good Morning😊

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  I wanted to share some more money saving tips with you today. I hope these are helpful.

* Less Meat or Meatless Meals: We try to eat less meat with our meals. Meat has gotten so expensive.  It’s also a healthier way to eat.

* Repair Clothing instead of tossing and buying new. I found a few holes in a couple of tops this weekend.  I’m going to fix the holes instead of getting rid of the tops. I’m also repairing a few pair of socks. Not everything can be saved, but at least try.

* Don’t waste food. Make only what you will eat. You can use leftover vegetables to make homemade soup. Freeze leftovers you know you won’t eat the next day. 

* Cook a whole chicken and use it for several meals.

* When you find sneakers on sale for your child buy the next size up. Buy 2 pairs for yourself in your size.

* This tip is from a lesson learned: Don’t buy toys except for Birthdays and Christmas.  Am I perfect at this? No, but I have gotten way better.

So there are a few more money saving tips I use or am implementing in our home. I hope to share more next week.

Have a wonderful day😀

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