A Very Fun Day


Happy Friday Everyone

Thursday we drove to our hometown for a playdate with friends. We also hung out with my older daughter Mattie. As you can tell from Chloe’s smile, she had a good time. 

She enjoyed the play area at the mall. She loves to watch other children play. She mimics a lot of their play, which is a good thing. There were 2 little girls twirling each other and falling down. Chloe just laughed and fell down with them😀. I loved seeing her smile and laugh with friends.

The only glitch we ran into was when she wanted to ride the kiddy rides. She doesn’t understand she is too big for them. She squeezed into several of them and pretended to ride them. I could feel people’s stares, but tried to focus on her fun. If she can ever go to an amusement park she would be in heaven. We then ate lunch and had ice cream.

Chloe also loved seeing her sister’s dog Anna. Anna loves Chloe and once calm she lays on Chloe’s lap. So sweet❤. We headed home after that and spent some time outside before dinner. 

Chloe fell right to sleep😴

Feeling Blessed😊

Everyone Have a Wonderful Day🌞

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