Simple Eating

Happy Thursday 😊

Today I want to continue to talk about ways to simplify your life. I am currently finishing up minimizing my things. I am almost done😀 Another area to simplify and save money is your food. Make simple meals and drink mostly water. 

I shop at Aldi, which saves us a lot of money. I check which produce is on sale and buy those. We have favorite meals, but they can get boring after awhile.  I always say you have to look at food as nutrition, not just for enjoyment. I’m a stress eater, so I have my moments,  unfortunately.  The best way to prevent that is not bringing unhealthy food home. We mostly eat chicken, fish and ground turkey. I occasionally buy a steak and cut it in half for both of us. Chloe will eat chicken breast now if I cut it up like nuggets.  

A simple meal would be baked chicken, green beans and a baked potato. I sometimes add a salad. So have a meat, a vegetable and a starch or 2 veggies. Chloe and I eat fruit throughout the day for snacks. Her favorite is strawberries🍓 and I love watermelon 🍉. I always have bananas on hand🍌. I have tried to reduce crackers like goldfish . If you simplify your meal plan you will save so much money. Meal prep should be easier and your meals will be healthier. 

Drink mostly water. I drink Cappuccino when I wake up. I use splenda instead of sugar. It’s cheaper to drink water instead of soda or juices. We do partake in soda sometimes,  but I need to cut it out. SO NOT HEALTHY! Luckily Chloe has never wanted soda. She does like flavored water. I try to get the sugar free brand packets for her. We are not milk drinkers. Chloe and I are allergic, so I use Almond milk in our recipes calling for milk. 

So that’s how I am trying to simplify in the food area of our lives. 

Do any of you use a simple meal plan? Please share below😊

Have a fantastic day💚


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