How I Declutter

Good Morning 😊

I have been on a mission to declutter as much as I can. What are my rules for what I get rid of?

Get Rid of Multiples

Get Rid of Items I Don’t Use or are Unnecessary 

I Haven’t Worn it in Over a Year

I Don’t Enjoy It or Love It

Let’s begin with clothing. I now only own 21 pieces of clothing. That doesn’t include undergarments, which I kept 5 days worth. I replace items as neccessary.  I would love to have a wardrobe like Steve Jobs did. Same loved outfit every day. I know that’s not the norm for women, but it sure would make getting dressed each day a breeze😊

Next is Decor. I have never been good at decorating.  Mostly I would like pictures of family and a few vases of flowers. I do like pretty wicker baskets.  I would place the book I’m reading in it. Just simple decor is what I like.

Let’s talk about Books📙 I love to read, when I have time and can focus on one, Chloe dependent Lol. I keep the books I know I will reread and donate or sell the ones I won’t.  Simple isn’t it? I will purchase a used book from 2nd & Charles sometimes,  but I would prefer to check them out from the library for FREE. That way if I don’t like it I just return it. No Hassles.

Moving on to Health and Beauty Products. This is an area I am currently working on. I have been making homemade toothpaste and mouthwash  which I love💚 My goal is to make a lot of homemade products or buy products that have multiple uses and are less toxic. Makeup is an area I’m experimenting with. Trying to see what I can do without and what I enjoy using. I have seen a lot on shampoo bars lately. I’ve never used one, but would like to try one.

So that is the first group of things I have decluttered. My next post will cover other areas in my home I am working on. Are you minimizing areas of your home? Please share how it’s going😀

Have a wonderful Wednesday ☺

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