Summer Learning, Well Today Anyways🙂

Good Afternoon 🌞

It is a beautiful day today. The high is only 70 degrees. Very unusual for Ky in June, but I’ll take it. We spent our morning running errands and playing at the park. Once it got overcrowded we left and headed home.

We have been on break a few months already and I have been trying to get Chloe to do some Summer learning activities for awhile now. She hasn’t been willing to even try. She has been reading books everyday, so that is good. As I have mentioned, her behavior had been very off and quite demanding. Today she seemed more laid back, so I attempted to bring out the Dollar Tree workbooks.  She completed the entire alphabet writing practice book ! 😲 Then I worked with her on 2 pages of Telling Time & Money workbook.  We took a break and then went over her sight words. She loves to spell them out😊

I was super proud of her. Will this continue? Who knows? Hopefully it will. We are enjoying some more time outdoors playing with her sidewalk chalk and bubbles. She is actually singing and dancing around the yard more than anything. Lol

Later today I am hoping to get Chloe to work with Play Dough and work on stringing her beads. I’m just thankful she is having a better attitude today.

How is your Summer Learning going?

Have a wonderful day☺

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