I’m Worn Out!


Good Morning 😊

This has been a tough week in our house. Chloe has been extremely out of sorts and very demanding. It has worn everyone out😔

When we finished our homeschool year I wanted to get her out as much as possible before the public schools let out. We went out almost daily. I also wanted to get out before it got to hot. I never thought she would become addicted to going places. She typically likes it for awhile and then wants to relax at home for a few days. Well it backfired and she now gets upset if we don’t go out every day. She is also constantly begging for treats and Happy Meals. So I have had to listen to lots of whining and tantrums lately. 

So now I have to figure out how to detox her. I will basically have to deal with tons of fits until she stops asking. Another tough situation from our Autism life.

I hope everyone is having a good week❤

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