New Eating Plan

Good Morning 😊

I have been on Keto for awhile now. I have had pretty good luck with it, but my weight yo-yo’s with my Hypothyroidism.  I do feel a bit guilty eating so much high fat. I decided to switch to a different plan for now.

11 years ago I was on a plan by Michael Thurmond. I basically cut out all bread, but could eat small portions of brown rice and oatmeal. I cut out dairy, which I’m allergic to anyway (tummy aches). I ate tons of vegetables, small amounts of lean meat, and 2 servings of fruit a day. Meals were super simple, which I loved. I am going back to this for a bit.

I will continue my walks outdoors and indoors. I will add Yoga and strength training a few days a week. I am blessed to have a nice neighborhood to walk in. This week the temperatures are in the 70’s, so it will be nice.

So hopefully this will work for me. I may never be a size 10 again, but that’s ok. I just want to be healthy. I want my knee to stop hurting so I can be more active. I will update you from time to time and let you know how it’s going😊

Have a wonderful Monday❤

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