Green Up Your Life


Good morning 😊

I have always desired to live a greener life and be as low waste as possible. Not sure if I can ever be Zero Waste. There are so many great YouTube channels, books and blogs to help you get started.

YouTube channels I love are:

The Fairly Local Vegan

Exploring Alternatives

Living the life you love

The Sustainable Mama

Plus many more😊

Books I Love:

Zero Waste Living (Bea Johnson)

Growing Up Green Vol. 2 (Deirdre Imus)

In Defense of Food (Michael Pollan)

The Everything Green Boom

One area I need to get back on track with is recycling.  This is a great place to start. If your city picks up your recycling or if you have to take it somewhere (like we do) make sure to see what items they accept.

Small steps can make an impact like no more buying water bottles. Fill up a reusable water bottle. I would love to say we have stopped buying them, but that’s not the case just yet. I try to drink water from the Brita Filter as often as possible to keep from using water bottles.

Another small step is buy glass containers or Mason jars to store food instead of plastic containers. I am close to no plastic containers now and it feels great. You can find these many times at Goodwill.  

Use cloth bags at the grocery store. I shop at Aldi and bag my own groceries, so I bring my cloth bags. You can also make bags from old tshirts. Check out YouTube for videos on how to do this. Very easy.

Other Areas to Work On


Buy way less to zero plastic toys. Some still contain lead or PVC. Stay with wooden toys.


I have terrible side effects from medication. I’m on 2 prescriptions now and wish I could get off of them. I am searching for a healthier alternative.  Chloe takes medicine to sleep. I tried Melatonin,  but it didn’t work for her. She wouldn’t sleep hardly at all, so we had to go with the medication. Chloe and I both have allergies.  Allergy meds zonk me out. They don’t seem to help Chloe at all. So I’m thinking allergy free pillows, keeping her stuffed animals and bedding washed more often. Also adding vitamin C, which Ive read is helpful. 

Non-Toxic Cleaners

Use Vinegar, water, baking soda and essential oils to make many household cleaners. Replace those toxic store bought ones.

I will post more ideas next week. Let’s get started making our lives greener. Share what you already do below.  Have a great day.


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