Autism Mom Penny Pinching Tips

Happy Friday🙂

I love to save money. Am I always perfect? No, but I try to shop frugally as much as possible.  I search Goodwill for clothes and housewares before I buy them new. Here are 20 tips I have to help you pinch those pennies.

1) No Cable or Satellite.  We have been without it for awhile and don’t miss it at all.

2) No gym membership. Go for walks or use DVDs. Buy some hand weights. Just dance to music😉

3) Less to Zero Eating Out. It’s not good for you and it can be so costly. 

4) Sharpen disposable razors by running them backwards over a towel.  It works!

5) Maintain your car by keeping oil changed and keeping tires inflated.

6) Minimize. If you focus on less, you will spend less😊

7) Buy as much 2nd hand as you can. You can even find furniture 2nd hand at great prices. 

8) Use your library. Some even have free movie and music rentals. Before buying a book see if your library has it. If so check it out and save the money.

9) Free or Cheap Hobbies. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have fun or relax. Go to parks, hike, go fishing or swimming. I love to do all of these things plus read, write my blog and write music  lyrics.  

10) Meal Plan. I plan meals every week. I make a list and only buy what’s on it. I mostly shop at Aldi. I save so much money there.  Also set a budget to follow.  Ours is $120/ wk.

11) Make your own cleaners. Cleaning products are so toxic. I enjoy making my own, which cost pennies on the dollar. Check online for recipes.

12) Take care of yourself.  Eat well, drink plenty of water, exercise, and get plenty of sleep. Less illness and Dr. Bills.

13) Keep your thermostat at a comfortable level. I am hot blooded, so summer is tough, but turn on ceiling fans and floor fans to help. In the winter keep it as low as you can stand,  layer clothes and use blankets. 

14) Keep a change jar. Throw all of your loose change in there. It adds up!

15) Love The Dollar Tree😊 There are so many things you can buy there cheaper than other stores. 

16) Hang dry your laundry. I always loved helping my Mamaw hang out the laundry outside.  I use a drying rack indoors .

17) Sell unwanted items. Great way to make extra money and minimize at the same time. 

18) Give kids attention and time instead of stuff. 

19) Downsize your home. Live in a smaller, more affordable home. If you minimize your stuff, you won’t need as much space.

20) Learn to trim or cut your own hair. I’m not perfect at this, but my daughter usually corrects my mistakes. I cut Chloe’s hair. She just has a bob, so it’s super simple.

There are 20 tips I follow. I have many more I will share next week. I hope some of these will help you and your family.

Have a wonderful day❤

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