Outdoor Music at the Library🥁🎵

Happy Wednesday 😊

Our Library has put big, wonderful music instruments out in the park area outside. They are so cool and fun. One side has taller instruments for older kids and the other side they are shorter for younger kids. 

Chloe and enjoyed testing them out. After a few minutes the noise was overwhelming for her, so we left. Our library really tries to have a lot for kids to do. We pay pretty hefty taxes in our city for them, so it’s nice to know we get that back in activities for our children. 

Hopefully Chloe will want to go try them out again soon. She has been very anxious since public schools let out a few weeks ago. She will say “So many kids”! I feel bad for her, but I also want her to learn it’s ok. I just watch for her stress level to rise and go from there.

How is your summer break going so far?

Have a wonderful day😊

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