Summer Break Is The Best Time

Good Monday Morning

I find Summer break is the best time to work on goals and to make changes in Chloe’s life. There is no heavy homeschool schedule, so more time to work on things. I still want a bit of structure, but not so strict. There’s more daylight to get things accomplished as well.

About a month ago I made a list of things I wanted to work on with Chloe. Her fall and twisted ankle has slowed this down a bit, but she’s healing more every day. I sit and talk to her about what we need to work on.

Self Help/Life Skills

Dressing herself with no help, brushing her teeth without help, allowing me to brush her hair, and putting away her toys (big one). 

Harder Goals

Letting me wash her bedding with no tantrums, taking NO for an answer, and following directions without several prompts.

I work on social skills by just getting her out.  Her fear of children worries me. She is also fearful of new places, like the Farmers Market on Saturday. I don’t know what was happening.  It was a little stand and we were the ONLY ones there. I plan on going weekly to help her with that.

Everything we work on and the success of it depends on her mood. If she’s in a bad mood forget it! All I can do is try and hope she is receptive. 

Have a wonderful day😊

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