Healthy Eating For My Autistic Daughter

Good Morning😊

I have been slowly working on Chloe’s diet. I targeted the foods that hurt her (tummy and behavior) and started deleting them one by one. I started with Cheez its and Goldfish. I left Graham crackers since they don’t affect her and she doesn’t eat to many of them. 

I keep strawberries, grapes, apples, bananas, and pineapple around for her to snack on throughout the day. Her favorite is strawberries. The only vegetables she likes are can peas, can carrots, and potatoes.  She loves fries, so I try to make them homemade.

I’m  excited to share that Chloe will now eat chicken breast, as long as I cut them like nuggets. This is huge! The only chicken she ever ate were processed chicken nuggets. This is a BIG VICTORY 😊

I need to replace cheese with a non-dairy version. She is supposedly allergic to dairy. The only symptom is constipation.  She is a cheese addict, so I am going to Kroger to buy the Daiya brand cheese for her. I will also replace her yogurt with Coconut milk yogurt. We already use Almond Milk in everything. I’m still working on reducing and eventually eliminating gluten. That’s a tough area for her. When your child is so picky, plus has oral sensory issues, food changes are tough. 

I will continue to try different products and hopefully will find ones she likes. My goal is healthy, organic as I can get and dairy/gluten free foods for her and me as well. We both take vitamins to help with deficits.  I will share products when I find them. If any of you want to share any products please do in the comments.

Have a Great Day❤

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