Still Minimizing

Good Morning 😊

I was going to post today about Chloe’s Fine motor and Sensory activities for this week. Honestly she has been playing in her room a lot and hasn’t done any. So maybe another day. Lol.

Today I’m posting about how, even after the massive declutter I did a few weeks back, I still look for even more things to live without.  Does the urge to purge ever go away? Hmm maybe we are always looking for ways to live with even less. Is that a bad thing? No, as long as we don’t rebuy things later. GUILTY! I have done that to many times, but really don’t want to do that anymore. I don’t think it’s bad to look around sometimes and say “What else can I do without “? I would still love to go through Chloe’s room one more time, but will wait awhile.  It does look way better than it did. I haven’t tripped yet👍

Yesterday I went through my undergarment drawer and declutter quite a bit. Felt great! I also got rid of a top and pair of pants that are now to big. So really down to that minimalist wardrobe. 

Chloe always has a minimalist wardrobe. She is forever picky about her clothes, so she has 5 to 7 outfits she loves and that’s it😊

So I will continue to look around every now and then to make sure there is nothing else that needs to go. The biggest thing is to not stress (Lol) and celebrate the smallest of declutter triumphs.

Have a wonderful day❤

3 thoughts on “Still Minimizing”

  1. I can relate – my garage is full of stuff for Purple Heart to come take and I am excited to go back and try and get more stuff out. It is hard to stop, I agree!


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