She Loves This Puppy🐶


Happy Wednesday 😊

I have a grumpy girl today. It’s storming here and she only got 20 minutes in her pool. She even woke up grumpy. Like I have shared, she’s not a morning person. I was going to post about her fine motor activities of the week, but her behavior has kept me from getting the items together.  Hopefully tomorrow. 

So I thought I would share some cuteness with you. Yesterday we went to my parent’s house. Chloe loves their puppy. She is usually afraid when we first arrive, but gets over it after awhile. Then she is super excited about playing with him. If she goes outside he must be with her. When she went downstairs to play he waited for her at the top of the stairs. It was adorable. Chloe said “Puppy friend”.💜 I love seeing her bond with him. Maybe down the road she will be ready for her own pet. We will see🙂

Have a wonderful day💗

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